Youth Allegedly Attacks House in Teliamura: Conflicting Claims Emerge Regarding Motive and Loot.

In the absence of other people in the house, A youth named Bikash Debbarma suddenly attacked the house of Gani Mia of Tuimadhu area under Teliamura police station on Monday morning. Gani Mia also said that Bikash Debbarma also attacked Gani Mia's wife and also allegedly took Rs 50,000 in cash and several gold ornaments. Giving details about this, Gani Mia said that several months ago, Gani Mian had an argument with the person named Bikash Debbarma. Since then, Bikash Debbarma has often threatened to kill Gani Mia. Finally, on Monday, in the absence of Gani Mia, Bikash Debbarma attacked and looted his house. Gani Mia alleged that the person named Bikash Debbarma, was a regular drug user and  attacked his house on Monday due to drug money and prior enmity. Gani Mia said that a case has been filed in Teliamura police station.

On the other hand, in view of this incident, the OC of Teliamura police station said that the incident of attack and vandalism at Gani Mia's house is true, but the allegation of looting money or gold ornaments is completely baseless. He also said that Gani Mia has been jailed several times for being involved in the drug trade and is currently out on bail. In this case, the police suspect that the person named Bikash Debbarma has attacked Gani Mia's house based on an incident related to drugs.

The police suspect that the cause of this trouble is due to drugs, but the police are investigating to find out whether this suspicion of the police is correct or there is some other secret hidden behind it.