Workshop on Transgender Issues Organized by State Government.

On Tuesday, the state government's Department of Social Welfare and Social Education organized a workshop and awareness program at Rabindra Centenary Hall, focusing on various aspects concerning transgender individuals. This event, held with the support of the social organization Swabhiman, was inaugurated by Tapas Roy, Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Social Education. Attendees included L. Rangkhol, Director of the Department, A. Giriraj, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Social Justice, Arnesh Dey Sarkar, member of the Kolkata Transgender Welfare Board, Aparna Banerjee, and consultant Rabina Bariha from Chhattisgarh.

Speaking about the workshop and awareness program, a member of the state Transgender Welfare Board mentioned that the board was established only 5-6 months ago. The seminar will provide a detailed discussion on the opportunities available for transgender individuals under the Transgender Project, what the TG Act stipulates, and how board members should operate. This is the first time such a workshop is being held in the state. She emphasized that workshops of this nature are extremely important for transgender individuals.

State police officials, officers from various NGOs, and professors from different colleges attended the workshop. They engaged in detailed discussions on various aspects of the TG Act.