Agartala, September 06:


The state health department ordered the transfer of the covid fighter without caring about the health system. Which way is the health system of the state walking? Various speculations have started in the experienced circles of the state regarding the transfer of the renowned and responsible Dr Deep Kumar Debbarma.



Just think, the troops was sent to the border to protect the country but no weapons were given to it. Even that cunning and skillful warrior is helpless then, except to surrender himself or to be martyred without a fight. A similar incident happened in the health system of the state.  The entire world was almost falling apart due to the corona epidemic. At that time, Dr. Deep Kumar Debbarma, the renowned doctor of the state and the then nodal officer, along with the doctors of the entire country, worked diligently to save the lives of the people of the state.



States like Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi also suffered from the Corona attack that day. But due to the proper and efficient management of Dr. Deep Kumar Debbarma, the people of the state survived the corona epidemic that day.  Dr. Deep Debbarma's efficient management system is also behind those who recovered from Corona. Other doctors responded to his call that day and rushed to save the people of the state from the corona epidemic. But he is an exceptional person from others. Not as a professional doctor, but as a human being, he stood by the common people that day. The last act of his father's death to save the lives of the people of the state seemed insignificant to him.  Even today the people of Tripura have not forgotten his contribution.  The state health department has transferred that exemplary and smooth management doctor from the city to the rural area.




This is like sending an unarmed soldier into the battle. Under his adept leadership, the health system has undergone radical changes. The people of the state have also felt this. But the state health department denied his achievements. Many people also think that the health department is trying to cause great damage to the current health system by transferring him. Meanwhile, the state health department is in the hands of the current Chief Minister Prof. Dr Manik Saha. He himself is a doctor. He is well aware that despite the improvement in the state's health system at present, most of the advanced medical equipment is located in the city. There are two medical colleges here. Besides, there are advanced hospitals like Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Rural health centers, sub-district hospitals or district hospitals have not yet developed that advanced health system.



That's why Agartala city hospitals are still the only hope of village people for better treatment.  In this situation, the health department ordered an experienced, efficient director and heart-warming doctor like Dr Deep to be removed from his duties and transferred to the rural hospital. Experts believe that the health system of the state will suffer a lot in this incident. Because, it will not be possible for a skilled doctor like Dr Deep to go to the rural areas to improve health services. On the other hand, from the position he was in, he can bring about major changes in the health services of the entire state. But why did the Chief Minister's Health Department transfer Dr. Deep Debbarma, what is the secret behind it, there are many speculations.