Violence in Bangladesh sparks huge reaction in India, Hindus demand action from India 

Agartala: The attack on Durga Puja pandals and Hindu families in Bangladesh has sparked huge reaction from all parts of India, especially by the Hindu community demanding swift measures by the government of India.

Over the past one weeks hundreds of Durga Puja pandals and families faced attack by majority Muslims across Bangladesh.

The idols of Durga were vandalised and immersed while puja was still underway in Comilla district of Bangladesh, which later spread in Cox's Bazar, Hajiganj, Chottogram.

India having a population of over 130 crore is Hindu majority, yet secular country and it has always provided shelter to the persecuted minorities in neighbouring country.

During Durga Puja in Bangladesh violence erupted once again in more than 22 districts of Bangladesh; over 150 Pujo Pandals were set on fire; ISKCON Temple was gutted in fire including statue of Swami Prabhupad ji Mahraj; Idols of God and Goddesses were desecrated; and around two dozen Hindus were killed so far. Some members from the Hindu community are still missing.

Desperate Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council wrote a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina requesting, “If Bangladeshi Muslims don’t want Hindus to worship their Gods, they won’t do but please save the community. We are constantly targeted.”

This is not the first or a rare incidence but these riots are forcing the community to live in fear, causing the decline of their population from 13 per cent to 8 per cent in past 37 year as per 2011 census as Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan in 1971 with the help of India. 

Muslim Radicals want Hindus not to pray during their five-time Namaz offerings, they cannot use loudspeaker during Navratri or Durga Puja so much so that anything happening in India impacts Bangladesh as Hindus in Bangladesh were targeted during CAA-NRC protest and during Delhi riots. So, this has become a norm in Bangladesh which needs to be reigned in to save minority Hindus in the country.

Netizens have reacted sharply against the barbaric attack on the Hindu families and vandalism of Hindu God and Goddesses. Several represtations have been made before the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to hold talks with their counterparts in Bangladesh to bring a end to the violence against the Hindu minority.

Priyanka Bhowmick wrote, "The government of Bangladesh can not see the eyes?  Has it brought the Taliban to your country?  I condemn the government of Bangladesh."

Another user wrote, Feni district has become a target of Muslims last night. Joy Kali Temple, Jagannath Temple, Rajkali Temple and Gaziganj Mahaprabhu's Ashram have been vandalized.Hindu shops have been identified. So far 30 shops have been looted,vandalized and set on fire.