VHP held ceremony to Commemorate 150 Years of Buddhia Sanyasi Ashram.

The Buddhia Sanyasi Ashram is about 150 years old at Murisingh area of South Hadrai ADC Village. In this ashram, Guru Gautam Mishra ji started worshiping and consecrating Shivalinga from Tuesday morning on the initiative of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. State Tribal Welfare Minister Vikas Debbarma, State Transport Minister Sushant Chowdhury, Finance Minister Pranajit Singh Roy and State Assembly Chief Clerk Kalyani Saha Roy and other dignitaries were present in this special puja on this day. All the ministers and chiefs present in this special puja on this day to pour water on Shivalinga with full of devotion and respect. On this day, the central committee member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad led the priest Gautam Mishra ji.

In this context, State Finance Minister Pranjit Singh Roy said, He participated in this puja for the welfare of the people of the country and all levels of society and prayed to Lord Shiva for the well-being of the people of the state.

After the Puja, Minister of State Transport Department Sushant Chowdhury said, "People of Hindu religion have a special passion for Lord Shiva. Moreover, this temple will be able to emerge as the best and prominent religious place in the entire state. Minister Sushant Chowdhury has claimed that such an attempt is to protect Hinduism.

A lot of visitors from far and wide are seen thronging this temple in this special puja of the day.