Tripura: Under PK pressure for unethical service, I-PAC members quitting work

Agartala: Nov 19. Allegations aired against Trinamool Congress (TMC) for carrying out unethical and illegal tasks in Tripura in order to gain undue advantages over the political rivals of the party.
It is reported that a team of young professionals under the banner of the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) currently working for the Trinamool Congress and staying at privat hotel.
The group of youths from I-PAC had been conducting a survey, assessing the political situation and potential support base for the Trinamool Congress party in Tripura.
Information from reliable sources indicated that they are under tremendous pressure from their higher authorities to carry out unethical and illegal tasks in order to get an undue advantage over the political rivals of TMC Party.
Not being able to handle the pressure and the fear of facing legal consequences, two members have already resigned. It is further learned that many of them have expressed their desire to resign from IPAC, sources revealed.
Raftar Ahmed (IPAC2360), an Associate from the I-PAC team tendered his resignation this week and informed that “This is to notify that I wish to resign from the Indian Political Action Committee from the role of Associate. I am grateful for the support and mentorship I received during my tenure. It was an experience of a lifetime to be part of I-PAC and I am deeply grateful to the organization for all the support that I have received”.
Rajneesh Kaswan (IPAC1663), another youth from I-PAC also tendered his resignation and sought a release date from this group. Kaswan in his mail wrote, “I have already put my resignation notification on 24th October. I am requesting you to give me release date any day before 15th November. I would do any possible thing to wrap up my duties here”.
In reply to Rajneesh’s mail, someone of IPAC named Pratik replied: “Approved”.
From the facts and emails of two I-PAC youths, it is allegedly revealed that the chief of I-PAC, Prashant Kishor is creating terrific insistence upon the youths and professionals to carry out immoral and unlawful activities to bow down supporters, workers, and leaders of ruling BJP in Tripura.
Such unprincipled works were not accepted by many youths of I-PAC in the past couple of months and due to which they have planned to tender their resignation from this group.