Tripura to start paperless bills submission in 10 treasuries

Agartala: In a move to go paperless, the Finance department has decided to start paperless bill submission by the DDOS in concerned treasuries, sub-treasuries.

A memorandum issued by A Sarkar, additional secretary, govt of Tripura directed that the state government has developed the online salary bill submission module instead of physical bills, through the Centralized Treasury Operation System (CTOS).

"The system has been successfully implemented in two treasuries--Dharmanagar Treasury and Jirania Sub-Treasury with effect from 1st September, 2021. Now, the online salary bill submission module will be implemented further in 10 more treasuries, sub-treasuries with effect from 1 November, 2021," the memorandum reads.

The mentioned Treasuries are-- Ambassa Treasury, Teliamura sub-treasury, Longtharai Valley Sub-Treasury, Gandacherra sub- treasury, Sabroom sub-treasury, Amarpur sub-treasury, Kumarghat sub-treasury, Panisagar sub-treasury, Kanchanpur sub-treasury and Mohanpur sub-treasury.

A route map has been prepared that would be followed by the DDOs and treasuries.
The DDOS will register their Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) in the concerned treasuries/ sub-treasuries. The DDOS will prepare and finalize the salary/ pay bill in the HRMS and CTOS and subsequently, download all bill documents and upload digitally signed bills on CTOS.

After receiving the billis, the concerned treasury/ sub treasury officer would take the following steps:

The treasury/ sub-treasury officer shall accept the request of the DDOS and verify all bill documents on CTOS and issue payment orders against the bill through the CTOS with DSC.

In case of error in the bill, the treasury/ sub- treasury officer shall send back the bill to the concerned DDO by online mode.

After completion of payment, the treasury/ sub treasury officer shall upload the digitally signed vouchers of the paid bills and forwarded the same to the Office of the A.G., Tripura through CTOS.

Necessary Training will be provided by the respective treasuries/ sub treasuries.