Tripura: Section 144 imposed after fresh reports of temple vandalism, stabbing at Kailashahar

Agartala: Rumors have been circulating for days that mosques have been attacked across Tripura. The police investigated and said that all the news was fake. In the midst of the debate, a big incident took place. An attack took place at the Kali temple. At the same time, one person was injured in the attack of the miscreants.
The administration took swift action and promulgated section 144 CrPC to avert further deterioration of the situation.  

The incident took place in the Kailashahar area of ​​Tripura on Friday afternoon. According to local sources, a group of people attacked the temple around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. All of them belong to the Muslim community. The idol of Kali temple kept in the temple made of tin was struck on top. The idol is broken. At the same time the temple was vandalized.

Shivaji Sengupta, a local youth, tried to stand in front of the attackers. He was also attacked by the attackers. He was attacked with a knife. An attempt was made to kill him by inserting a knife in the right side of the abdomen. He was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the latest news, Shivaji’s condition is stable.

Naturally, there has been intense unrest in the area surrounding this incident. Due to which the administration has to take strict action. Section 144 has been issued. Which has been in effect since Friday afternoon.

Under this law, gatherings of more than five people have been completely banned in Kailashahar. At the same time, it has been banned to go out of the house with any weapon or attackable material. The ban will remain in effect until Sunday afternoon.

During Durga Puja, mandapas were attacked at various places across Bangladesh. Many Hindus were also attacked. More than six people died. This had a great influence later on the soil of India. Several mosques were attacked in Tripura. The administration dealt with it with a firm hand. But there are constant rumors on social media that hundreds of mosques in Tripura have been attacked and set on fire. Due to which anger arose in the Muslim society. The manifestation of that anger is the incident of attack on the temple in Kailashahar.

Repeated appeals were made by the administration to maintain communal harmony. At the same time, intolerance lessons were given in about 1100 mosques in Tripura during Friday prayers. The incident this afternoon explained that all had failed.