TMC leader roaming with two women faces public fury

Agartala: A group of angry youth vandalised the car of TMC leader Asish Lal Singh after he was, reportedly, spotted in compromising condition with two women whom he later identified as the party's dedicated workers at Kailashahar.

According to police sources, the local police rushed to the spot and rescued him from the locals who had held him captive. Local sources said, Singh along with two women identified as Rakhi Debnath (52) and Swarna Prabha Chatterjee (30) was travelling in a car. But what led to the suspicion of the local youth was the sitting arrangement. All of them were sitting in the back seat with opaque windows shut tight. "Usually in such situations men tend to sit in the front seat.

The local youth suspected that there might be something wrong and fearing that it could have a bad impact on locals, they attacked the vehicle", a source said. However, local police rushed to the spot and rescued him. He later clarified that they were the workers of his party whom he was dropping to their houses.