Thief Arrested By West Agartala Police, Recovers Over 1 Lakh

Agartala: Acting on a tip-off, West Agartala Police on Tuesday midnight caught a thief in the heart of the state capital. Police took the help of CCTV footage to arrest him.

Reportedly, a man named Naveen Modak left more than 1 lakh rupees inside the scooter box. Later when returned, he acknowledged that his money was stolen. Followed by that, police started a inveatigation in search of the person.

Reportedly, Naveen Modak filed a case at Agartala West Police Station and with the help of CCTV camers, the police of Agartala west Police Station were able to catch the thief named Ibrahim Mia from the police where the money was stolen.

It is learned that the thief had attempted the such incident several times before. Common people tensed about the rising theft cases in the city capital area.