Preparations Underway for Buddha Purnima at Benuban Vihara in Agartala.

May 23, Thursday, is Buddha Purnima. This major festival of Buddha, which commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana of the compassionate Buddha, is being prepared for by Buddhists all over the world. Various Buddhist temples are being newly decorated. Along with the world and the country, preparations are also underway among Buddhists in the state. On this occasion, intense preparations were observed on Wednesday at Benuban Vihara in Agartala. The entire temple has already been adorned with a fresh coat of paint. By evening, Benuban Vihara will be decorated with strings of lights. The festival will begin on Wednesday evening with a prayer meeting. The prayer meeting will continue from Thursday morning, praying for world peace and the happiness and prosperity of all living beings. This news was conveyed by Kaushal Ratna Shravan of Benuban Vihara.