PM was presented a unique Bhoj Patra today by the tribal community from border regions of Joshimath

Tribal communities of Niti- Mana valley living in border region of Joshimath expressed gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi for working to rejuvenate Sacred pilgrimage sites and appreciated of his firm resolve to safeguard and promote Indian culture. 

It was Presented by Smt Bina Badwal, Sarpanch Van Panchayat,Mana

Traditionally ink made from natural dyes( by mixing limestone+ leaves+ flowers) was used to write with kalam (pen) made from ringal

Bhojpatra tree( Himalayan Birch) is a deciduous tree growing in Western Himalayas in high altitude regions ( 2500-3500 m).

It’s significance is that Mahabharat and other ancient scriptures were written on bark of Bhojpatra tree.