People have formed a resistance against all conspiracies, voting was peaceful: BJP

Agartala, Nov 25: Residents of the state today rallied against all conspiracies surrounding the civic polls. Protected democratic rights, that is why the BJP Pradesh thanked the voters at a press conference this evening.

The ruling party has sharply criticized the CPIM and the Trinamool Congress for making similar allegations of vote rigging.

Party spokesperson Nabendu Bhattachrya said that the powerless CPIM has been involved in a conspiracy with the TMC and tried to frustrate the vote but could not succeed in that. The results will be clear, he said firmly.

On the same day, Nabendu said that there was a conspiracy to create a volatile atmosphere in Tripura for the last few months. Voters today went to the polls, facing a conspiracy by the CPIM, a coalition of grassroots allies.

He claimed that the conspirators did not stop all day and tried to create instability. However, resistance has been equal.

He said there was no other option but to make allegations against the BJP by the opposition CPIM and the Trinamool, Nabendu claimed adding that the opposition could not provide polling agents, evidence of this has been found from the calculation of form collection.

He said there were six complaints in five constituencies. In this case, voting in the remaining 217 seats has been free and peaceful, it has been proved that the opposition has chosen the path of respectable retreat today.

He said that central forces have been deployed in the first municipal elections. The Supreme Court is monitoring the election.

According to him, the police should investigate all the allegations brought by the opposition Because, the opposition has tried hard to worsen the law and order situation.

Voters have formed a resistance against all conspiracies, he claimed that the election was peaceful except for minor incidents. However, attempts were made on a larger scale, but the conspirators did not succeed. To put it bluntly, Trinamool did not come to Tripura to contest the elections but has come to help CPIM, which the people have understood.