Outsider party behind political violence in Tripura says MoS Pratima

Agartala: Senior BJP leader and Union Minister of State Pratima Bhoumik has warned the people of the state by attacking the Trinamool Congress. She claimed that the looters had come to Tripura to loot everything. At the same time, Tripura has been shielded to cover the stigma of the Jungle King of West Bengal.

Speaking with reporters, Pratima Bhoumik said that the polls will be held on November 25 The BJP has already won 112 seats unopposed in seven urban local bodies. Elections will be held in the remaining 222 seats.

She alleged that for some time now some people have been coming from outside and trying to ruin the environment in Tripura. Basically, after the assembly elections in West Bengal, the TMC had no place to hide because of violence. So, they want to hide in Tripura.

She also said that the aim of the Trinamool Congress was to destroy the peaceful atmosphere in Tripura by claiming that pictures of other places were from Tripura. The law and order situation is constantly being provoked. However, the CPIM and the Congress are equally supportive

Pratima Bhoumik targeted the Trinamool leader, saying the outsiders wanted to enter Tripura.
“The looters will loot everything'. The Trinamool Congress was showing a new version of Bengali culture and the TMC leaders and ministers are forgetting decency and indulging in filth and rudeness,” she alleged that indecent remarks involving the Chief Minister of Tripura were not compatible with a healthy society and Bengali culture.

"Healthy politics is always welcome. However, the Trinamool Congress has started rudeness in the name of politics. The people of Tripura are not familiar with this culture and such behavior is not possible for us,” Bhoumik added. She also appealed to the people of Tripura to beware of outsider parties.