Negligence of employees leads to dearth of electricity in some remote areas in Teliamura.

Although the present state government continues to work tirelessly to provide overall decent services to the people of every part of the state. This effort of the government is failing due to the negligence of some employees of the power department. The people of Teliamura are suffering due to the irresponsible actions of the senior manager of the power department. As the power problem worsened in nearby areas including Vivekanandanagar Gram Panchayat in Teliamura throughout the day, people of the area kept calling the land line of the Corporation office. But even though the land line phone was ringing for hours, it is alleged that no employee answered the phone. Later, one or two residents of the area rushed to the office of Vidyut corporation in Teliamura. But they came and found that the entire office is empty, people are calling on the land line during various types of emergencies, but there is no staff in the office to receive these calls. When the residents tried to inform the senior manager about this whole matter, the senior manager allegedly tried to threaten the person. Besides, instead of assuring that an investigation will be done, the senior manager tries to cover up the whole incident.

Under the leadership of senior manager, Teliamura Power Corporation is running extremely erratic. As a result, the overall electricity service is at the bottom at the moment, now it is to be seen what the department takes in the related matters.