Kokborok Day Celebration in Tripura.

Among the ancient languages of Northeast India, Kokborok stands out as one of the prominent languages of Tripura. For the past few centuries, the people of Tripura have been communicating in this language. In 1979, Kokborok received official recognition as a government language. Since then, every year on January 19th, 'Kokborok Day' is observed to promote the development of the Kokborok language. The 46th Kokborok Day was celebrated with grandeur on Friday in the state.

Under the initiative of the Tripura State Academy of Tribal Culture, a vibrant procession started from Rabindra Bhavan premises in the early morning. Young men and women from the tribal community actively participated in the procession wearing traditional attire. The procession traversed through various city streets, concluding at Rabindra Bhavan premises.

Six colleges, along with members from various cultural and voluntary organizations promoting Kokborok language, participated in the rally. Following the rally, Pranajit Singh Roy, the Minister of Finance in the Tripura government and the Chairman of the Kokborok Development Advisory Committee, took part in the state-level celebration of the 46th Kokborok Day at Rabindra Centenary Hall.

The event was attended by Atul Debbarma, the Chairman of the Kokborok Development Advisory Committee, and Rampad Jamatia, the Vice Chairman, who is also a former minister. On the occasion, the people of Tripura conveyed their best wishes and congratulations to Pranajit Kokborok Day 2024. This day not only celebrates the cultural heritage of the tribal community but also holds significance as a day of festivity in Tripura.