Know where new IAS Dhiman Chakma prefers to join service

Dhiman Chakma’s message to youth: Anyone can crack UPSC if they work hard for the goal.
Agartala: Tripura’s proud boy Dhiman Chakma shined bright in the country’s toughest competitive exams setting a rare example of dedication and hard work as he cracked the UPSC for the third time in a row, in 2020. Chakma, posted in Orissa’s Mayurbhanj district as an IFS officer based on his ranking in the 2018 UPSC exams now set for his career in IAS, the most coveted public service. In an exclusive interview with RiseEast, he shared his thoughts and the struggle he went through during his prolonged journey of securing a rank below 500 in the UPSC exams. 

Chakma established himself as a role model for many youths for Tripura as well as the entire North East region who want to pursue a career in public service. He did it thrice but on being asked he said it was his yearning to serve the people of Tripura as he sat for the exams for the third time. 

“I have got a posting in the all-Indian service. I could have continued working in the IFS but my passion was to work for my state and contribute my part in policy framing for my home state Tripura. Being born and brought up in one of the state’s backward rural towns Kanchanpur, I witnessed the way people of Tripura’s rural people suffer for not having access to the basics. I want to ensure that people get what they deserve through contributing to building Tripura; this is why I have decided to sit for the exams again and again. Finally, as the rankings are good, I feel I will get IAS”, he said. He added that his first preference is Tripura and he would love to be a part of building Tripura as a strong state. 

Chakma, a computer science graduate from NIT Agartala got a decent-paying job in Chennai. But, in the year 2015, he thought he should go for UPSC as the public service appeared as an option before him that could enable him to contribute more to nation-building. “The UPSC gives an opportunity to serve the people staying in close contact with the people. It empowers the youth to devote themselves in service to the nation and hence it becomes my choice to work in that direction leaving a high-paying job. The hard work and passion that I have for the service paved way for me and I feel anybody can crack the exams if they invest enough time and effort for the preparations”, he added. 

On being asked about Tripura’s development prospects and his ideas that can help Tripura growing up as a potential center of development, he said, as far as I understand Tripura’s geography, there are ample scopes that the state should explore. “Due to our strategic geographical location, we can tap the scope to emerge as the biggest transit route for the whole North East. For the whole of southeast Asia, Tripura can work as the transit route for India, and this way, the life and livelihood opportunities will enhance dramatically. I would love to share my experiences in building Tripura as a model state so that it can make its presence felt everywhere”, he told RiseEast. 

When asked about his message towards the aspiring youth, he said, “see in today’s world your location is not a barrier. Even though I am from a small town. What matters in platforms like UPSC is your passion and hard work. There are certain skill sets like writing answers, personality development, etc that are required for cracking the exams but most importantly you need to be precise towards your goal. You can sharpen your skills and get what you really long for only if you work hard. I will be personally happy to share my experiences with aspiring youth. They can contact me through social media and I will love to guide them”, Chakma added.