In a viral video, three endangered Great Indian Hornbill birds are brutally tortured to death in Nagaland

Three people were detained in Bhandari Town, Nagaland's Wokha district, in connection with the torturing and killing of a Great Indian Hornbill bird.


The arrests were made in reaction to a viral video that showed a Hornbill bird being tortured before being killed on social media.


A man can be seen treading on the Hornbill's neck and striking it with a stick in the video.


Police seized the used weapon, and hornbill components were discovered.


The arrestees' identities, however, have not been revealed by Nagaland police.


The people who were arrested were sent over to the wildlife division for further investigation.


Meanwhile, the Wildlife Division and the Forest Department have developed a number of programmes aimed at restoring local biodiversity.


However, widespread public misunderstanding remains a severe issue, and wild animal shooting, hunting, and capture continue to be frequent in many parts of the region.