Heading: Mayor Deepak Majumdar Inaugurates Upgraded Infrastructure and Innovative Initiatives in Agartala

The development work in Agartala city is progressing, enveloping the capital with improvements led by the Agartala Municipal Corporation. The corporation, under the leadership of Mayor Deepak Majumdar, is undertaking various developmental projects. These include the enhancement of roads, waste management systems, provision of purified drinking water, beautification of ponds around the capital, and the installation of streetlights to illuminate the city. In addition to these efforts, Mayor Deepak Majumdar has taken an initiative to reconstruct a crematorium in the western Narayanganjpur area, which had long suffered from inadequate facilities. Spending over 5 lakhs, the mayor has successfully reconstructed the crematorium, providing a separate space for mourners. Mayor Deepak Majumdar formally inaugurated the crematorium on Thursday, with the presence of local corporator Sharmishta Bardhan and other councilors from the North Zone of Agartala Municipal Corporation. Mayor Deepak Majumdar expressed that the inauguration of this crematorium in West Narayanpur will significantly reduce the burden on the Bottala crematorium.