Fake news plotted against Biplab Kumar Deb

Barman's name came behind Rumore politics, Saikat and Anal became the tools of serving lies

Agartala. Sudip Barman, who is marginalised in the politics of Tripura, is alive only on the politics of rumours. And in his politics of this rumour, Saikat Talpatra and Anal Roy Chowdhury have become his tools. 

The defendant pen of Anal, who has hidden his business through the newspaper, is maintaining a record of false news. So there Tadipar, Saikat from Tripura has made a page called Independent as its base. It is discussed that Saikat, who was once a CPM's cunning, is dancing these days at the behest of Sudip Barman.

Boasting through outrageous news. The one who has no place to return to Tripura himself is running the news of the dismissal of former CM Biplab Deb from BJP. 

In fact, both these henchmen of the media are running the news served by Sudip, not at their own discretion. Both are dancing these days at the behest of Sudip. Sources reveal that Biplab Deb is of course not the CM of the state yet.

But Sudip Barman is still haunted by the fear of Biplab. They are so afraid of Biplab that even now they are chanting garlands of their name and are getting false news to be spread against them with their champoos.