Enjoy a cuppa of Tripura’s organic blend tea anywhere in world 

Agartala: Want to taste Tripura tea sitting in London or any other part of the globe? The wait is over now. Tripura’s hand rolled organic tea that has already earned a good name for the state is now set for online launch. Most probably after Diwali, this product will be available on e-commerce websites like Amazon. 

“Right from the very beginning, I have been trying to start online marketing for the product as domestic consumption of this kind of tea is very limited. If everything falls in the right direction, the tea will be available on online marketing websites after Diwali,” said Gopal Chakraborty, an organic tea grower from Durgabari, Bamutia. 

He said that the usual price for hand rolled organic tea ranges between Rs 3,500 to 4,000 per kilogramme. “I have some fixed customers and I prepare the tea in accordance with the orders, I receive from the customers. On an average, I produce 50 to 60 kgs of tea annually,” he added. Chakraborty possesses a land of 2.81 hectares. 

Apart from Chakraborty, Kalyan Debbarma from Mandai area has also been producing organic green tea for the last couple years also shared his experience of being devoid of a good market. “We are producing good quality tea but the market is not up to the mark. I grow about 30 to 35 kgs of green tea annually and access to online markets can bring robust development for small tea growers like us,” said Debbarma. 
Debbarma and Chakraborty are the only small tea growers of the state who have been certified for organic production of tea. Both of them have agreed to a point that the switch over to organic production has cost them a lot.

“My yearly harvest of raw leaves was around 40,000 kgs but when I changed the format to organic, the production reduced to 16,000 to 18,000 kgs. Many people viewed this as a loss but I kept moving ahead with the idea of organic production and I feel after getting the access to online market, it would become easier for people like us to sustain with our mode,” added Chakraborty. 
Meanwhile, a good number of new small tea growers have also shown interest in growing organic green tea. Prafulla Debbarma from Kailashahar, Rashik Debbarma from Mandai, Dhanya Kumar Debbarma from Kailashahr are some of the new entrants in the organic market but they are still to be certified, a source in Tripura Tea Development Corporation said.