Despite all efforts to create unrest, we will hold peaceful election says Ratan Lal Nath

Agartala: Amidst widespread violence centering the Agartala Municipal Corporation elections, Tripura Minister Ratan Lal Nath has issued a statement slamming the Trinamool Congress for the large-scale violence across Agartala.

Nath in his statement said that the municipal elections are to be held in Tripura on November 25. Out of 334 seats in 20 civic bodies, BJP candidates have been elected unopposed in 112 seats, which is 34 percent seats. BJP candidates are also in the fray in all the remaining 222 seats. And fighting the election vigorously. CPIM, Trinamool Congress and Congress party candidates are also in the fray at some places. The election campaign is being conducted peacefully by the major political parties in the state.

No untoward incident happened anywhere. The police administration is fully prepared.
Only Trinamool Congress is trying to defame Tripura through lies.

Trinamool Congress has sent an army of well-known goonda leaders and their supporters from their state to conduct Tripura elections. Their leaders and supporters are provoking the general public and party supporters here by their wrong actions. So that the atmosphere of Tripura gets spoiled and the situation of unrest arises here, Nath added.

On 17th November, Trinamool goons brutally attacked the BJP meeting in Teliamura, the assembly of our Chief Whip Kalyani Roy. In which five of our workers are badly injured. Today, the Chief Minister has come to share his generation with those workers. In this case, 4 Trinamool party workers have been arrested by the police. In this, three people are in jail and 1 got bail due to health reasons.

You are aware that a big conspiracy to defame Tripura by propagating false news with the connivance of IPAC, which is handling the elections for Trinamool, has failed. Rather, there was a situation of riots in Maharashtra.

On November 19, 5 people were arrested separately from Banamalipur. These people were doing suspicious activities in the area.

Including taking photographs of the mosque at night. Apart from this, information about the rest of the people with him was received by him. 24 people were found living in the auspicious Lagna Vivah Ghar located in this area.

The constant presence of so many people in the marriage house raises suspicion, so the police have sent a notice to them. All the people are from West Bengal.

I would like to inform you that Trinamool and its strategist IPAC have launched an entire army of anti-social elements from West Bengal in Tripura. Their only attempt is to defame the government by spoiling the law and order of Tripura through conspiracies.

The sequence of ill-treatment by Trinamool leaders and their leaders is increasing continuously. On November 20, in Sonamura, Trinamool leader and Kolkata Mayor Bobby Hakim made a provocative statement. He said that you will kill one here, you will kill five there. Police have registered a case in this matter and sent a notice to him.

Similarly, on the evening of November 20, a meeting of Chief Minister Shri Biplab Kumar Deb ji was going on in his assembly Banamalipur. Then the president of Youth Trinamool Congress Shayani Ghosh made remarks on the workers present there with her car and tried to instigate them. Also his car was being driven very rough. This could have caused casualties to many workers. Taking cognizance of his video, the former police station of Agartala sent him a notice for questioning.

Instead of coming alone to the police station to reply to the notice, several Trinamool leaders accompanied him to the police station and misbehaved with the police on duty. Shyoni was arrested at 4 pm.

Trinamool General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee was to come to Agartala late in the evening regarding this matter. But ATC did not approve their flight due to technical reasons. There is no arrangement for late night movement of aircraft.

The program of Banerjee's arrival in Agartala on November 22 is already fixed and the police have approved their programs.

I am saying with confidence that Trinamool has no base in Tripura on the ground and local people are participating in their events negligibly. People have been brought from West Bengal for their meeting. In which the number of anti-social elements is high.

They are being recognized at the local level by the language itself. Their entire conspiracy is to defame the law and order of the state. In the late evening, outside the house of Trinamool leader Subal Bhowmik, anti-social elements from Bengal created ruckus and vandalism.

Despite all their efforts to create unrest, we will be able to hold peaceful elections on November 25 and BJP will win with a thumping majority, Nath added.