Convicted Police Killer Escapes from Bishalgarh Central Jail: Three Officials Suspended.

On May 14, an inmate convicted of killing a police officer escaped from the central jail in Nehal Chandranagar, Bishalgarh. The escaped convict is named Swarna Kumar Tripura. In this incident, three prison staff members were suspended for negligence of duty. The suspended officials are Debashis Shil, Tapan Rupini, and Mafiz Mia. They were serving as the Sub-Jailer, Warder, and Guard Commander of Bishalgarh Central Jail, respectively. It is noteworthy that Swarna Kumar Tripura was arrested in 2014 in a theft case and sent to South Maonu Bazar Jail. He managed to escape from there by deceiving the police and killed a police officer while escaping. He was serving his sentence in Bishalgarh Central Jail for this murder case. Four years ago, he escaped from jail for the second time. Subsequently, he was arrested from another state. On May 14, he escaped from the jail again.