Biplab vs Abhishek match will be seen once again, Deb is ready to dust Abhishek again

Agartala: Biplab vs Abhishek will be seen once again in the political battle of Tripura. Trinamool general secretary Abhishek Banerjee is coming to Agartala on June 14 to support the Trinamool candidate in the by-elections to the state assembly. Meanwhile, after getting blessings from the top leadership of the party, former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb is all set to enter the political fray again with double energy. Where Abhishek wants to avenge the BJP's crushing defeat in the municipal elections by campaigning in favour of his candidates. So, before the 2023 assembly elections, the BJP wants to make the results of the by-elections of the 4 assemblies, which are being seen as semi-finals, in its favour in any case. So that he can once again destroy the morale of the opposition.

Deb will do a marathon program

After getting the blessings of the top leadership of the party, Deb is expected to hold a marathon program in the assembly by-elections. Sources reveal that the top leadership has given instructions to this effect to the state election in charge. In the coming days, Biplab Deb will campaign aggressively in all the four Vidhan Sabhas. Its preparations are in full swing. He is expected to reach Agartala again on Monday 13th June.

It is being told that Deb has had a deep strategic discussion with the party's national president JP Nadda regarding the upcoming elections. Since then, there has been talk of fierce campaigning in Deb's electoral ground. Anyway, Deb has already made it clear that in view of Mission 2023, he has left the CM's chair. In the 2023 assembly elections, the party's strategy is to create history by winning all 60 seats in the state.


Abhishek and Deb's fight will be interesting

According to political experts, the political contest between Biplab Deb and Abhishek Banerjee is expected to be interesting this time too. Abhishek, who was badly defeated at the hands of Deb in the Tripura municipal elections held in November 2021, is coming to Tripura to settle old accounts, but he may not be aware of the ground situation in the state. The Trinamool chief's BHAI Po feels that Deb has weakened after being removed from the CM's chair, so he can settle his old account with him. But the reality is the opposite. After leaving the CM's chair, Deb's stature has increased further in Tripura. There is great enthusiasm among his supporters as well. They are ready for any struggle with their hero leader.

This is the reason why TMC candidates are not getting a place on the ground. On the other hand, in November last year, TMC had the support of BJP rebel Sudip Burman behind the scenes. But this time Sudeep and Ashish Shah, who is called his right hand, are themselves fighting on a Congress ticket to save their political existence. Therefore, TMC's position in Tripura's four assembly by-polls is likely to be even weaker than last year's municipal elections. In his war of words, Abhishek is undoubtedly pursuing a two-handed plan from Deb. But Deb and his party still seems invincible on the political ground of Tripura.