9 deep tube wells in Ampi block to create drinking water sources

Agartala: Nine deep tube wells are being installed in Ampi block to create drinking water sources. Just recently, installation of one deep tube well has been completed in Twidu Khamar of West Twichlang village and in Jelongbari of North Changong village. 1 crore 10 lakh rupees was spent for this. Apart from that, work is going on to install more nine deep tube wells in Baishamani, Chechuya, South Changong, Melchi, West Twichlang, Sonachara and Haripur village of the block. Installation of each deep tube well will be 60 lakh rupees. This was informed by Assistant Engineer Dibya Sadhan Jamatia, Drinking Water & sanitation department, Ampi Nagar.