Situation still remains the same in Manipur

Situation of Manipur reamins the same. There is no end of this jealousy. Another police officer has been reported killed in a clash with a mob in Imphal West district. Besides, a large number of weapons and ammunition, including automatic guns, were looted by frenzied mobs from at least two security posts in Bishnupur district on Thursday. Manipur Police said the situation in the state is still "volatile and tense". 'Incidents of firing and riotous gatherings' continue across the state. Arms were looted from two outposts of the 2nd Battalion of the Manipur Armed Police located at Keirenphabi and Thangalawai in Bishnupur district. Attempts were also made to loot arms and ammunition from Heingang and Singhjamei police stations. That attempt was foiled by the security forces. A police officer was killed in a crossfire between two sides in Kautruk, Haraothel and Senjam Chirang areas. Two more people were shot. The slain police officer was shot in the head. It is feared that the militants fired from sniper rifles from nearby hilly areas. A village volunteer was also reportedly injured in the gunfight at Kautruk and Senjam Chirang. The police said that since Thursday morning, there was a lot of tension, especially in Bishnupur district. Thousands of local residents took to the streets to block the movement of security forces. Around 500-600 people gathered in Fugakchao Ikhai area. The police had to fire tear gas shells to disperse the crow. About 25 people were injured during this situation. However, a large number of security forces have been deployed to restore peace in the troubled areas. Seven illegal bunkers have been destroyed in an operation by joint security forces in Kawwatru hilly area. A total of 129 checkpoints have been set up in hill and valley districts of Manipur. By breaking the law in different districts of the state, 1047 people were being attacked. Security forces appealed to the public not to listen to rumors and be aware of fake videos circulating on the internet. Calls have been made for the return of looted arms, ammunition and explosives.