Kohima, September 10:


The Naga Chilli festival is being celebrated in Nagaland. The Naga Mircha (King Chilli) festival is being celebrated for the first time at the council hall of Seiyama village in Chiphobojou tehsil of Kohima district, almost 40 km from Kohima. Sayama Village Council and Sema Naga Chilli Growers are celebrating the first of its kind festival in collaboration with Horticulture Department.


The Naga Mircha or King Chilli, also known as Bhut Jolokia. The worlds hottest chilly was celebrated with much fervour as the President of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) 11th Northern Angami (NA)-II Assembly Constituency, Vibeilietuo Kets inaugurated the one-day festival.


Naga chilli cultivation is currently more profitable than bamboo and banana cultivation.  Sites unused for cultivation for decades are also being utilized for Naga chilli cultivation.


Before cultivation, these bamboo fields are slashed and burnt to ensure optimum soil quality and high temperature of the chilli. And it is on that land that later Naga pepper is being cultivated. And the most interesting thing is Naga Mircha is the first GI tagged among the four GI registration in the state.