Tomorrow September 17th is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday. This time Prime Minister's birthday is being celebrated specially.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh on this day.  Thisis very good news for the country.


Cheetahs will be brought there from Namibia.  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Kuno National Park to welcome the cheetahs.  Notably, cheetahs are being brought to India after a long 75 years. According to sources, a total of 8 cheetahs will be brought to India by air from Namibia.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will personally release the cheetahs to the sanctuary.  


 SP Yadav, Project Cheetah chief, said, “Cheetahs coming from Namibia will now land in Gwalior, earlier it was supposed to land in Jaipur on September 17 then from a helicopter from Gwalior brought to KUNO National Park Sheopur." He further said, "We are bringing cheetahs by a special chartered cargo plane Boeing 717. This is a bigger plane and will come directly to India without refuelling and that is why we selected this aircraft. This is a dedicated aircraft and it will have eight cheetahs. Along with crew members, in addition to our officers and some veterinary doctors, wildlife experts, cheetah experts and our three Indian scientists, doctors and officers will be onboard in the plane from Namibia."


The face of a cheetah is also painted on the front of the Boeing plane that is responsible for bringing African guests to India. Modi will celebrate his 72nd birthday this year. It is known that there are 5 male cheetahs and 3 female cheetahs in a group of 8 cheetahs. This includes two brothers.