Lebanese PM calls for dialogue to restore ties with Gulf nations

Beirut, Dec 29: Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati has called for a national dialogue among the different governing political parties to discuss way to restore ties with Gulf countries.

"We need to reach an understanding to strengthen Lebanon's ties with Arab nations, especially Gulf countries, by not offending them or interfering in their internal affairs," Xinhua news agency quoted Mikati as saying in a televised speech.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need for Lebanon to disassociate itself from problems in the region to be able to preserve its ties with the Arab world and the international community.

Mikati added that he has been working on securing a meeting for the council of ministers to deal with the country's economic crisis.

Beirut is currently facing a crisis in its relations with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf supporters after a Lebanese Cabinet Minister criticised over Riyadh's ongoing military involvement in the Yemen war.

Mikati's speech comes one day after an address by Lebanese President Michel Aoun who called for a national dialogue to put an end to the governmental paralysis, getting through important legislation, in addition to holding an urgent dialogue on a financial recovery plan, administrative and financial decentralization, and the defence strategy.