Dirty Hindu' and 'Disgusting Dog'?  Indian-Americans face racism again in the US.  An American man attacked the Indian-American man, a resident of California.  He was allegedly called a 'dirty Hindu' and a 'disgusting dog'.  He then filed a complaint with the Fremont Police Department.


Racism in every where. Recently, four Bengali women were victims of racism in Texas, America. Later that day in California, an American of Indian origin also accused of racism. Krishnan Jayaraman was attacked by Tejinder Singh. The man attacked her at a fast food restaurant on Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont, California.  It is known that on August 21, Tejinder Singh started making hateful comments on seeing Krishnan Jayaraman in a branch of Taco Bell.


Krishnan Jayaraman recorded the entire incident.  In the 8-minute long video, Tejinder Singh is seen addressing him saying, “You are disgusting, Dog. You look dirty.  Don't come out in public like this again.” Later Tejinder Singh also referred to him as 'Dirty Hindu'. Knowing that Krishnan Jayaraman does not eat meat, he shouts 'beef' in his face. He also spat on his face twice. In another part of the video, Tejinder Singh is seen saying, “This is not India!"


Krishnan Jayaraman said that he was scared in the whole incident. He is further distressed to learn that the person who attacked him is an Indian himself. He said about this, “To be honest I was very scared.  On the one hand, I was very angry, but also afraid that the person would also be terrible and come to attack me?”


 In a video, Krishnan Jayaraman was seen telling the man, “I am not here to fight you.  What do you want?”  In response, the accused said, "I know you Hindus are disgusting, shameful."  The man then spat in his face.  Krishnan Jayaraman also said that after the whole incident, he and an employee of the restaurant informed the Fremont police. That person was also present at the scene at that time. According to Fremont Police, the entire incident is being investigated. Tajinder Singh has been charged with violation of civil rights, disturbing the peace by using indecent language and assault.