China Encroached Into Nepal Territory, Says Report

Kathmandu: A Nepalese Government report said that China encroaching into Nepal along the two countries' shared border. It is the first time there have been official claims from Nepal of Chinese interference in its territory.

The report was commissioned last September following claims that China has been trespassing in the district of Humla, in the far west of Nepal. But China's Embassy in Kathmandu denied such encroachment issues.

Reacting on this, Nepalese Communications Minister said any border issues with its neighbours would be dealt diplomatically. On February 7, a memorandum was handed over by the Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan to the United Nations, informing them about the land encroachment in Humla, Nepal by China. The Nepaliu Civil Society group has urged the international community to intervene in the issue pertaining to land grabbed by China in Neighbouring Countries.

Nepalese Government decided to send a taskforce to Humla after reports about possible Chinese encroachment. Some claimed China has built aseries of buildings on the Nepalise side of the border. The team consisted of representatives from the police and the government.

In its report, it it found that surveillance activities by Chinese security forces had restricted religious activities on the Nepalese side of the border in a place called Lalungjong. The area has traditionally been a draw for pilgrims because of its proximity to Mount Kailash, just over the border in China, which is a sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

The report also concluded that China had been limiting grazing by Nepalese farmers. In the same area, it found China was building a fence around a border pillar, and attempting to construct a canal and a road on the Nepalese side of the border.